We custom tailor each student's program to match individual learning styles and giftings because we know God made each student unique.


At The Kelly School student, teacher, and parent craft individualized strategies to champion gifts and conquer struggles.

Active Learning

At The Kelly School we use every style of learning to maximize retention, accelerate progress, and break ceilings.


At The Kelly School students seek challenge, own their potential, and love learning to propel their passions.

Teacher Responsibility

At The Kelly School every teacher takes responsibility to create passion for learning and ensure learning takes place in every student.

“I love that my 14 year old who previously struggled in school comes home excited to tell me about what he's learning.”

Sara P.


  • To ignite wonder and the love of learning (To prevent the need of “unlearning” in later grades!)
  • To build a solid foundation and love of reading
  • To provide an at-home experience as much as possible
  • To learn the need for diligence and hard work in school
  • To train in righteousness & character
  • To lay a solid foundation in the Word of God (A Biblical Worldview)
  • To provide plenty of green time (time outside)


  • To train students to take responsibility for their mind, heart, soul, and strength
  • To train students to persevere and conquer personal challenges
  • To train students to excel at strengths humbly, gratefully, and joyfully
  • To train students to appreciate strengths in others
  • To train students to help others in a humble, kind, and encouraging manner
  • To train students to actively engage in learning

“I love that The Kelly School helps my kids recognize and grow their own strengths and encourage fellow students in theirs. The kid that excels in math can help and encourage the kid whose strength is English and vice versa. I love that my kids are taught to value others' strengths!”

Happy Parent