Our vision is to raise up a generation of young men and women who know why they are here and will live to fulfill their God given destiny.


From Him and to Him are all things (Romans 11:36). The Kelly School seeks to put Christ first in everything. We truly believe the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (Proverbs 9:10), and the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge (Proverbs 1:7). All subjects are taught from a biblical worldview.


Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind (Luke 10:27). All teachers are committed to representing Christ well and assisting students to grow in character.


Love your neighbor as yourself (Luke 10:27). The Kelly School is a safe community where students learn to encourage and challenge each other in a positive manner.

“I love that The Kelly School is a 'no judgment' zone. Kids with all abilities come together in an environment tailored to teach and learn in a way specific to each kid. The Kelly School not only teaches kids the fundamental skills for living/life after school but also enriches their lives with moral and Biblical principles. I do not know where we would be without the amazing foundation that The Kelly School has provided.”

Cristina G.

The Kelly School Staff

Kerri Stein

Kerri loves kids, research, and teaching. She loves discerning where kids are at, where they need to be and devising the most effective way to get them there. Kerri is the founder of The Kelly School and directs the sixth through twelfth grades. Kerri has over 35 years experience as an educator, numerous K-12 teaching certifications, a Bachelor’s of Education and a Master’s of Theological Studies. Kerri teaches language arts, history, Bible, and math.

Nikki Patterson

Nikki is the most gifted early education teacher I have ever met! Her passion for teaching and love for kids exude from her every breath. Nikki is the Director of Children’s Ministry at Threshold Church and directs the kindergarten through fifth grades at The Kelly School. Nikki is the mother of four beautiful girls and has over fifteen years experience instructing children. Nikki is the main teacher for kindergarten through fifth grades.

Gray Good

Gray genuinely appreciates and cares for each student. Each one feels loved and significant. Gray represents Christ well in his example of respectfulness, kindness and care. Gray is gifted at relating with youth and desires to see them reach their full potential. Gray is chaplain at the Youth Intervention Center and sunday school teacher at Threshold Church. Gray teaches Bible, gym, health, drums, and art.

Jeannie Mears

Jeannie has a passion for seeing the struggling learner succeed. She desires every student to understand their value in God’s eyes. Her NILD training and current masters level work demonstrate her commitment to improving her skills as an education specialist. Jeannie has over 30 years experience as an educator and compassionately and patiently instructs students in language arts and math.

Bethany Stein

Bethany treasures youth and delights in seeing them draw closer to God. She desires to inspire and encourage each student in the gifts and abilities God has given them. Bethany is fun and relational and offers an excellent example of a godly young woman. Bethany volunteers at Cornerstone Youth Ministries and leads the youth group at Dove Christian Fellowship. Bethany teaches Bible and substitutes when necessary.

Kevin Simmons

Kevin enjoys inspiring others and watching them reach their fullest potential. His passion for math and science is contagious. Kevin’s patience and kindness alongside his love for Sonic the Hedgehog, Scratch, and all sorts of games create an instant rapport with the students. He has a way of making geeks cool. Kevin has a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies with a minor in math from Messiah. Kevin teaches science and math.

Tom Kelly

Tom thrives on discovering how each student is wired by God, how they learn and what they enjoy. Tom views each student as a valued creation of God and loves to encourage and mentor students how to constructively move forward from failure. Tom is a great well of wisdom, offering helpful truth in the moment. Tom has a Bachelor’s in Bible and Missions and a Master’s in Developmental Psychology. Tom teaches small motors/electricity and math.

Evelyn Keener

Evelyn lavishes love and patience. Evelyn is a retired teacher from Canada with over 40 years experience. During her teaching career, she taught children with challenging needs in grades K-6. After retirement, she has private tutored most subjects for grades K-12. Evelyn is a reading buddy to several students.

Terry Bone

Terry is a worshipper. Terry joins The Kelly School as a gifted musician, instrument repairman, and flute maker. Terry has over twenty years teaching experience in the public school. His expertise and enthusiasm for music is a great blessing for each of his students.

“I love the commitment of every single faculty and volunteer to help the students thrive in who they were created to be! Every child is so special with something unique and beautiful only they bring to this world. At The Kelly school students are celebrated for who they are and encouraged to never stop learning and never stop strengthening their character, and I love that!”

Bethany S.

School History

God calls us to do things we can’t do, so we have to rely on Him. I prayed, “Lord, where do you want to lead me? How do you want to grow my faith?” God said, “Start a school.” I wept. My passion has always been kids & education. So in a sense, it wasn’t anything new, just a HUGE release. (In fact, I secretly went for my masters in hopes of such a thing; I just hadn’t told anybody.) Ephesians 2:10: ”For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God planned beforehand so that we would walk in them.” This is my prayer for every teacher, every volunteer, and every student at The Kelly School: that they would know why they are here and live to fulfill their God given destiny.

The name: Everyone asks, “Why ‘The Kelly School’?” I named the school after my parents, Tom and Bev Kelly. They taught me everything I know. They taught me to love God, rely on Him, love kids, and teach kids. They are my heroes.

The Kelly School started informally in 2014 with just one student. In 2016 The Kelly School became a DBA with eight students. In 2017 The Kelly School grew to fifteen students and became an incorporated private school recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.